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2018 Design Trends

January 6, 2018




A new year brings new projects and we find ourselves searching the latest trends for inspiration. Each year industry insiders release their lists of trends to watch and the information overload can be a lot to process. After some research, here are my five trends to watch in 2018.





  1. Brass Accents
    Recently brushed nickel accents have been replacing the brass of earlier decades. Those looking for a bolder change have opted for oil rubbed bronze or matte black options. It appears that in 2018 brass is making a comeback .  Along with brass, you can expect to see rose gold, and copper accents becoming increasingly popular

    Photo Credit: https://www.pexels.com


  2. Textured Walls & Statement Ceilings
    Accent walls are out, but that doesn’t mean the end of wallpaper. In 2018 expect to see more textured walls created using wallpaper with abstract patterns and large floral designs,  in addition to old favorites like mill work and wainscoting. Replacing accent walls are statement ceilings. The goal is to draw your eye up and make the ceiling the focal point of the room. Create your statement ceiling using texture, wallpaper, or even bold colour choices.


    Photo Credit: https://www.pexels.com


  3. Grey
    Grey tones remain a design trend in 2018. Whether its walls and flooring in different shades of grey  or kitchen cabinets in a warm grey, you will be able to find a way to incorporate grey in any room.  Grey tones continue to be well represented in colour palettes for paint, flooring, cabinetry and decor items. 

     Photo Credit: http://www.goodfellowinc.com/en/produit/krono-dreamfloor-classic/


  4. Anything But White Kitchens
    According to Houzz, a home improvement and decoration website, all white kitchens will become a  thing of the past in 2018. Instead they will be replaced with warm wood tones and new neutrals such as creams, blues, and greys.  This move away from white goes beyond cabinets and flooring as well with the rise in alternatives to white and stainless steel sinks such as copper and granite . Country Living Magazine’s “8 Gorgeous Kitchen Trends That Will Be Huge in 2018” draws attention to dark floors matched with light paint and/or cabinets, statement floor tiles and the rustic appeal of the reclaimed wood look. While Family Handyman Magazine predicts open shelves will be big in 2018, Country Living Magazine offers a  trendy alternative with heavy cabinetry in warm greys, blues, creams and wood grain. Regardless of the source, the consensus seems to be that white on white on white is out!


    Photo Credit: http://ghicabinets.com/kitchen-sedona-chestnut/


  5. Bold Colour
    Bold colours are in, in a big way this year. Almost every article or list of trends to watch in 2018 makes some reference to this move away from traditional neutrals. While rich, dark colours are expected to make an appearance throughout the home, minimalist designs and soothing colours such as sage will be popular in the bedroom. In their 2018 Colour Forecast, Sherwin Williams presents three unique pallets that truly highlight this. From greys and hushed tones inspired by minimalism, to pops of rich blues, deep purples, yellows and reds pulled from artisanal crafts and indigenous patterns, there is no lack of colour. Their 2018 colour of the year “Oceanside” gives a clear picture of this bold colour trend.


    Photo Credit: https://www.pexels.com



This talk of trends can be overwhelming, and trying to keep up with them all comes at a cost. Make your home a representation of you. If that means incorporating some of the latest trends that’s great, but remember they are just that, trends.




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